Who is Nathan Loyd Ndungu?

Nathan Loyd Ndungu is a business man currently the CEO & Chairman of  Avoveg Kenya, a company that boasts of being one of the top companies in Fresh export produce in Kenya. With avocado as its flagship product, the company has grown tremendously following the ever growing demand of avocado produce. Passion and resilience are the two factors that drive the well-spoken, Nathan-Loyd Ndung’u, leading him to establishing a high-revenue company.

But his journey towards building a multi-million fresh produce company did not start recently. Nathan Loyd Ndungu attributes gaining exposure in the fresh produce industry from his father, who in his own words says he took what his father did, and raised it to build a fully scalable profitable fresh export business.

Nathan Loyd Ndung'u

Avoveg Company under Nathan Loyd Ndung'u

A brief look at the avoveg website, tells it all. The company is a fully functional corporation with a big workforce behind it. The company’s slogan is “fresh produce” and indeed that is what they deliver. With the fast growth of Avoveg, the company is able to export fresh produce to Spain, Netherlands, France, Russia and Jordan.

Apart from avocados, Avoveg also exports mangoes and passion fruits , and is expected to expand to more fruits. With the huge success of Avoveg, one may think it is pure lack, but on the sidelines of Avoveg, is a network of independent farmers who have ensured that the company continues to receive high-quality fresh produce. The farmers are well equipped with all the necessary knowledge, ingredients and expertise to ensure that the end-products is nothing  short of excellent.

Nathan loyd ndung'u

The Quality control department at Avoveg is nothing short of Accurate. The team of qualified quality controllers makes sure that all the required processes and steps to producing and exporting high quality farm produce are followed. These practices range from the planting stage to the packing and cooling stage.

With one of Avoveg’s core value being family, Avoveg is keen on how it treats their staff and farmers. They have a hospitality team fully dedicated to offer hospitality services to their staff and farmers who are quite an asset to Avoveg.

Avoveg as a form of Social responsibility, organizes events to give technical guidance to farmers to ensure that they meet the standards to have their farm produce scale on an international level. This venture has changed the lives of many farmers. Indeed Knowledge is power.

nathan loyd ndung'u

Nathan Loyds Ndungu’s name tarnished

With the success of any business, false allegations and claims are bound to arise, and this was what happened with the Nathan Loyd’s Ndungu’s case. According to a particular blog, they claimed that Nathan Loyd Ndung’u and his wife plotted to defraud a particular company of Kshs. 18,500,000 by pretending that they could partner with the particular company to export avocados.

All these are false claims, because Nathan Loyd Ndungu indeed has a fully functional avocado export company, Avoveg. Therefore, there was no way that he could pretend to be in a capacity to export the avocado, while that is his primary business.

The false claims and allegations on cheap and malicious blogs have tarnished Nathan Loyd Ndungu‘s name and affected the reputation of Avoveg. But the determined and highly motivated Avoveg CEO is ready to fight to clear his name in all these allegations.

nathan loyd ndungu

Nathan Loyd Ndungu has continued to work hard to ensure that his Company continues to feed the many families that depend on the operations of his extremely successful and legit fresh produce business.  

Visit https://www.avoveg.com

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